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The Judgement of Paris: The contest that put California on the wine map

45 years ago – on 24 May 1976 – wine history was made. A high-powered panel of nine French wine experts took their seats at a blind wine tasting in Paris where some of France’s finest wines, from the hallowed cellars of Bordeaux and Burgundy, were pitted against relatively unknown Californian offerings.  What followed has since become ...

The Many Faces of Chardonnay

I have lost count of the number of times that someone has told me that they dislike Chardonnay but love Chablis - or sometimes, the reverse.  However, in order for a wine to use the designation of Chablis on its label, it must be made from 100% Chardonnay grapes.  So how can it be that someone who professes to adore Chablis be so opposed ...

The Crème de la Crémant

Crémant is undoubtedly one of France’s best kept secrets.  While Champagne has achieved world-wide fame and status, crémant (pronounced CRAY-MONT) has fallen under the radar despite also being a French sparkling wine which is produced in the same way as Champagne. So what is crémant and what differentiates it from Champagne? The term ...
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