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Spier Wine Farm: a Stellenbosch estate where wine and art go hand in hand

One of the great wine debates is whether the winemaking process is a science or an art form. While there are convincing arguments that both science and art come into play when crafting a wine, some producers actively embrace the concept of art more wholeheartedly than others.  Spier Wine Farm, one of the oldest wineries in South Africa, takes ...

Saving South African Wines from a Lockdown Hangover

The South African wine industry finally breathed a sigh of relief at midnight on 17 August when the Federal government scrapped a ban on domestic alcohol sales.  The ban had been in place, apart from a six week relaxation in June and July, since the end of March.  In response to the Covid-19 crisis, South Africa imposed one of the ...

Brampton Wines – Roxton Black added to the Stellenbosch brand’s flagship series

A bull walks into a wine shop.   Bold, handsome, and flexing its muscles, the newly released Roxton Black is the latest addition to the Stellenbosch brand’s Flagship “Roxton” series.   Roxton, like his predecessor Brampton, was a pedigree bull that was imported from the UK before the Second World War to bolster our herd here in ...
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