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Have yourself a very Freixenet Christmas!

The Spanish celebrate Christmas and the New Year a little differently to us.  Traditionally, it isn’t Santa Claus who brings presents for well-behaved Spanish children on Christmas Eve. Instead the Three Kings or Three Wise Men (known there as the Reyes Magos) are the ones who deliver gifts during the night of 5th January. However, this only ...

How to open a bottle of fizz with finesse

Is there anything more satisfying than the pop of a Champagne cork to signal that your favourite fizz is about to be served?  However, cracking open a bottle of sparkling wine can be a dangerous affair.  This is because built up pressure can force the cork out of bottle at a speed of almost 25 miles per hour!   Be honest:  Have ...

CAN SALA – Raising a Glass to the Best Bubbly of 2020

Would you be surprised to hear that the best sparkling wine in the world is not Champagne but Cava?   This may seem unlikely given Champagne’s reputation but, after spending two days assessing sparkling wines from across the globe, judges with some of the finest palates in the world selected Can Sala Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature 2008 ...
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