Whitebox Drinks Cocktail Trio

Three great canned cocktails from Whitebox Drinks!



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    The Cocktail Trio contains three classic canned cocktails- Negroni, Martini and Old Fashioned. The perfect gift for the cocktail aficionado in your life, especially if that person is you!

    Freezer Martini is made with Porter's Gin, dry vermouth and lemon zest, and tastes great either in a chilled Martini glass, or straight from the can.

    Chipper's Cherry Wood Old Fashioned is robust and aromatic, crafted from virgin oak whisky, cherry wood bitters and gum sugar.

    Pocket Negroni was the first cocktail released by Whitebox- perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter as any good Negroni should be. Made with Porter's gin, aperitivo and sweet red vermouth.


    Please note if ordering multiple mixed cases they will not be packed as individual cases. Please contact our customer service team if you need a more personalised service.

    Whitebox Drinks make both classic and innovative cocktails in handy canned form. Their Negroni, Martini and Old Fashioned are presented in a 100ml can, making for an instant perfect serve, and crafted from excellent quality spirits and liquors such as Porter's Gin and cherrywood bitters.
    Whitebox Drinks Cocktail Trio
    Whitebox Drinks Cocktail Trio
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    Whitebox Drinks Cocktail Trio
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