Belgin Ultra 13 Dry Gin

New to the UK line-up for summer 2020 is Ultra 13, a classic dry gin that has been crafted to balance elements from all of the traditional botanical groups.

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Starting with Macedonian Juniper berries, enriched with with Cloves and Coriander, then spiced up with Cinnamon and Cardamom, before some softer notes of Vanilla and a hint of bitterness from Gentian is added to stop it becoming too sweet. To that he adds layers of citrus zests from around the Mediterranean and finally Angelica and Fresh Hops bring everything together and make Ultra 13 a truly stunning gin.

Try making an Old Fashioned: Muddle a teaspoon of sugar, two dashes of Angostura bitters and 15ml of water until the sugar has dissolved and pour into a large tumbler that has been rubbed with lemon or pink grapefruit. Next you need to add a generous double measure of Ultra 13 (we typically use 50 - 60ml). Finally, add a couple of large ice-cubes, a splash of soda (optional) and a thin slice of pink grapefruit for garnish - stir gently.

None of the Belgin range are created using the 'London dry' technique of one-shot distillation, where all of the botanicals are distilled at the same time and none are treated as individuals. Our distiller believes that every ingredient shouldn't be compromised by another, so he uses his experience to maximise the flavours from every ingredient, by choosing the extraction technique that shows off each component at its very best. He then carefully blends them together so that none sing too loudly and you can taste the individual voices that make up the choir singing gently on your palate.

Belgin Ultra 13 Dry Gin
Belgin Ultra 13 Dry Gin
  • 41.4%
  • 50cl

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Belgin Ultra 13 Dry Gin
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