Fizz Favourites - 6 Bottles - Save over £10

A selection of fizz to turn any day into a special occasion!


Customize Fizz Favourites - 6 Bottles - Save over £10
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    Treat yourself to some of our customer-favourite sparkling wines. These fizzes are a great way make evenings in feel extra special, or to really celebrate those long-awaited reunions.

    Gratien & Meyer's Cremant de Loire Brut is a full of floral and fruity notes. Produced using the same method as Champagne, this is a great-value alternative for brightening up autumnal evenings.

    Corvezzo Organic Prosecco is fresh and crisp. Its soft, fruity character is balanced by refreshing citrussy flavours. Made by leading producer, Corvezzo, this paticular label is a Slurp UK Exclusive.

    Segura Viudas Cava Brut is an elegant and complex fizz. Made from historic winery, Segura Viudas, it combines rich orchard fruits with fresh vibrant citrus, creating a balanced and harmonious wine. 


    Please note if ordering multiple mixed cases they will not be packed as individual cases. Please contact our customer service team if you need a more personalised service.

    Fizz Favourites - 6 Bottles - Save over £10
    Fizz Favourites - 6 Bottles - Save over £10

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    Fizz Favourites - 6 Bottles - Save over £10
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