VIVIR Tequila Anejo

A beautifully sophisticated tequila aged in bourbon oak casks for at least 18 months

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VIVIR Anejo tequila ages in bourbon casks for at least 18 months, this allows the flavour and texture to fully mature and give a sophisticated taste of caramel and vanilla. These textures, along with the Weber Blue Agave are perfect for the more refined palate. If you are a whisky or rum drinker, the Anejo will hit the spot.

VIVIR produce a range of super premium tequilas at the most awarded distillery in Jalisco, Mexico for product quality and taste. Selecting the best & sweetest Weber Blue Agave harvested at around 12 years old when at their peak flavour and using only natural local water from a volcanic spring makes these tequilas super smooth. VIVIR tequilas have been specially crafted to help change the perception of what tequila can be, smooth in texture and complex in nature, perfect for sipping or having in your favourite cocktail.

VIVIR Tequila Anejo
VIVIR Tequila Anejo
  • VIVIR Tequila
  • 40.0%
  • 70cl

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VIVIR Tequila Anejo
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