Verdant Brewing Co. Headband Pale Ale

Juicy and textured pale ale, with a unique flavour from its' dual yeast fermentation
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"A favourite in the brewery and apart from small continual tweaks here and there, it remains extremely close to the 2014 pilot brews and 2015 release version. The use of dual yeast strains brings both a clean crispness to the finish and juicy peach aromatics. A touch of medium crystal and some superstar hops results in a satisfyingly orange hue that marries up to strong orange citrus note"

"Adam and James were homebrewers who loved hop-forward beers. They weren’t easy to find locally so in 2014 they started Verdant to make their own. Rich joined in 2016. With a little help from other craft brewers and friends, out poured juicy, hoppy, unfiltered hazy Pales, IPAs and DIPAs, and the brewery thrived thanks to like-minded drinkers everywhere. Being independent enables Verdant to stay ethical, sustainable, and keep pushing the boundaries of taste and quality."

Verdant Brewing Co. Headband Pale Ale
Verdant Brewing Co. Headband Pale Ale
  • Verdant Brewing Co.
  • 5.5%
  • 44cl

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Verdant Brewing Co. Headband Pale Ale
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