Twin Fin Spiced Gold Rum

A rich, smooth rum with bold vanilla notes, exotic citrus and a light smoky finish.

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The essence of Twin Fin is inspired by the coasts of Cornwall and the Caribbean. This golden rum greets you with a light, tropical fragrance, followed by a smooth palate with warming spicy notes and a light, smoky-sweet finish.

"Twin Fin" begins life on the warm sands of the Caribbean, crossing the Atlantic to land on the rugged coast of Cornwall. Distilled in a flame-fired copper pot still (named "Tressa"!), the team at Twin Fin combine Caribbean rum and a secret blend of spices before adding a touch of PX Sherry for sweetness. They then rest this blend over charred oak chips to give it a rich golden colour.

These rums are the result of two years creative experimentation, looking to craft a bold family of exotic rums like no other. "Twin Fin" rums are rich, tropical and refreshing. Fantastic in cocktails and best enjoyed at a beach barbecue with friends!

This spiced golden rum has no added sugar, no artificial flavours and an approachable yet unique flavour.


Twin Fin Spiced Gold Rum
Twin Fin Spiced Gold Rum
  • South Western Distillery
  • 38%
  • 70cl

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Twin Fin Spiced Gold Rum
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