The Kernel Pale Ale

Hop-forward Pale Ale from Bermondsey based craft brewers, The Kernel.
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The Kernel's legendary pale ale, with an ever changing hop profile
The Kernel's brewing ethos, in their own words- "We brew pale ales, dark ales, lagers and mixed fermentation beers: sometimes focused on the aromas, flavours and bitterness of hops; the complex warmth and layers of roasted malts; the clarity of cold fermentations; or the acidity, tannin, and texture contributed by mixed fermentations, by time and barrels, wild yeast and bacteria. All guided by the principles of simplicity and balance."
The Kernel Pale Ale
The Kernel Pale Ale
  • The Kernel Brewery
  • 5.3%
  • 33cl

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The Kernel Pale Ale
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