Serious Pig Crunchy Snacking Cheese 'Truffle' 24g

Individual packs of cheesy snacks ideal for stay-at-home socialising!

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Since launching Crunchy Snacking Cheese in 2018, we’ve been blown away with the reaction to both our ‘Classic’ and Rosemary’ versions.

It’s now time to step things up and blow your socks off with an extra special and seriously luxurious pairing.

After much debate and deliberation (and plenty of tasting sessions) the answer we were looking for was truffle.

Granted, the combination of cheese and truffle is not a new one. However, the exact dose of truffle with the super mature Italian Quattrocento is, we believe, the perfect blend to allow both big flavours to truly shine.

Get ready for a huge truffle bop on the nose when you open the packet, followed by a crunchy, full-bodied moreish cheesy tang and finally a rich, earthy, silky truffle finish. Seriously, it’s another level!

It’s made with microbial rennet so it’s suitable for vegetarians and it’s gluten and lactose free too.

Perhaps the term game changer is used too liberally but we're certainly not guilty of that here. This hugely innovative new snack is a real contender to change the face of premium snacking. It's insanely delicious, made totally from 100% cheese, specifically, 9 month matured Italian hard cheese that's packed full of flavour and depth. 

Serious Pig Crunchy Snacking Cheese 'Truffle' 24g
Serious Pig Crunchy Snacking Cheese 'Truffle' 24g

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Serious Pig Crunchy Snacking Cheese 'Truffle' 24g
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