RumJava Signature Coffee Blended Rum 70cl

A delicious hand-crafted coffee blended rum from the USA. 

Award Winning RumJava Artisan Crafted Signature is a silky, smooth rum with a delicately balanced finish. This rich molasses rum is handcrafted from Florida cane, twice distilled in a copper column pot still at 160-180 proof, and infused with Java’Mon Coffee Signature Kona Blend, vanilla, and an unexpected touch of coconut. RumJava is 100% all natural, hand bottled and hand sealed.

RumJava Signature Coffee Blended Rum 70cl
RumJava Signature Coffee Blended Rum 70cl
Tasting Notes

A silky, smooth rum from the USA, infused with Java’Mon Signature Kona Blend Coffee , vanilla, and a touch of coconut. This is soft and rounded with warming sweet rum and coffee flavours. Enjoy neat on the rocks or try in cocktails.

Una Loca Negroni

30ml RumJava Signature

20ml Tequila Blanco

10ml Campari

10ml Antica Formula

Pour all ingredients into a rock glass over cubed ice, and stir. Garnish with Java'Mon cofee beans.

At A Glance
Country Of Origin USA
Producer RumJava
ABV 35%
Volume 70cl
Closure Cork
Serving Suggestion Great on ice or try in cocktails
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