Once Upon a Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015

Quite simply a delicious sweet cider, made like an 'ice wine' by freezing fresh pressed apple juice

Once Upon A Tree are a Herefordshire based, multi-award winning craft cider producer. The brain-child of Simon Day, who is also the enigmatic winemaker at Sixteen Ridges, these craft ciders are made to similar principles to wine. Utimate care is taken to select the best fruit, and they use the least intervention possible to ensure the maximum amount of flavour is imparted into their ciders and perrys. This unique sweet cider is made by freezing the juice of fresh Blenheim Orange apples and allowing them to slowly defrost, releasing a much more concentrated juice. This is then fermented over several months to create a deliciously mouthwatering sweet dessert cider.

Once Upon a Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015
Once Upon a Tree Blenheim Superb Ice Cider 2015
Tasting Notes

This sweet ice cider is excellent, the apple flavours are incredibly concentrated resulting in a complex flavour balanced with has both fully ripened and caramel apples, with hints of fresh apple zest to compliment. This is a great alternative to traditional dessert wines and much lower alcohol.

At A Glance
Country Of Origin England
Vintage 2015
ABV 7.0%
Volume 37.5cl
Serving Suggestion Serve Chilled
Food Pairing Cheese, Desserts
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