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Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Rum

A super-premium 15 year old rum of exceptional quality. Complex, yet velvety-smooth with a pronounced bouquet and flavour.

An opulent aged rum from the Dominican Republic. Rich, heady notes of toffee, walnut and spice. Blended using the solera system- where old and new spirits are continuously blended together. One of the world's great rums. 

In the 1800s two Spanish brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp, along with their partner Evaristo Álvarez, arrived in Cuba to establish Matusalem Rum in 1872 in Santiago de Cuba, where they used their knowledge of distillation and blending of sherries, brandies and wines to create a formula for rum that would be passed on to generations to come.

This rum is aged using the Solera process, so on average the rums contained herein are 15 years old.

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Rum
Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Rum

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Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Rum
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