Mamont Vodka

Mamont is a premium Russian vodka, made at the Itkul distillery, one of the oldest in Siberia
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The Itkul distillery, in the mountainous foothills of Siberia's Altai district, is one of the oldest in Russia. The multi-award winning single estate vodka, Mamont has a distinctive bottle, shaped like a mammoth's tusk. This, alongside its fantastically smooth, clean and pure flavour profile make Mamont a truly unique vodka.
The Itkul distillery combine four different grains- barley, rye, millet and winter wheat, fermented and distilled six times, to create this truly unique vodka.
Mamont Vodka
Mamont Vodka
  • Itkul Distillery
  • 40%
  • 70cl

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Mamont Vodka
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