James Eadie Trademark X Blended Whisky

A blend with true heritage, Trademark X was originally created by blender and brewer James Eadie in 1877. A superbly crafted and well balanced whisky.
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Trademark X is, simply put, a masterpiece of the art and science of whisky blending. Reverse-engineered from a secret recipe almost 150 years old, it incorporates almost every regional style of Scotch Whisky, from sweet and mellow Speysides to gruff, peaty Islays. Like all great blends, Trademark X is far more than the sum of its' parts, walking a tightrope between rich and delicate, sweet and smoky. If you are a whisky lover who knows that there is life beyond single malt, this is a must-try.
James Eadie are an independent bottler and blender, producing selected cask bottlings from the major whisky regions of Scotland in addition to their own 'house blend', Trademark X, a whisky with a 150 year heritage that is quickly claiming its place amongst the great blends of today.
93/100 IWSC 2021
James Eadie Trademark X Blended Whisky
James Eadie Trademark X Blended Whisky
  • James Eadie
  • 45.6%
  • 70cl

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James Eadie Trademark X Blended Whisky
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