J. Bally Rhum Ambre Agricole

This Rhum Ambre from J. Bally is a great example of Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique

J. Bally was established by Jacques Bally in Martinique. He produced his spirit in a similar manner to that used to create French eaux-de-vie. Bally distilled fresh sugar cane juice to produce a distinct selection of rums. In 1917, Jacques Bally began ageing his rums in oak casks. This imparted both colour and flavour. In 1924, the rum was first packaged in the characteristic rectangular bottles. The distillery closed in 1989 and was moved to Distillerie du Simon where the rum is now produced

J. Bally Rhum Ambre Agricole
J. Bally Rhum Ambre Agricole
Tasting Notes

Made with fermented and distilled sugar cane juice, known as 'vin de cane', it is a savoury, earthy, vegetal rum. Dried apricots and allspice berries on the nose give way to an almost cognacesque palate with a bone dry finish. 

At A Glance
Country Of Origin USA
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