Ginfusion Bespoke Gin Botanicals Taster Pack

The Ginfusion Taster set contains 4 pouches, each with a different botanical blend. Simply add to gin, add tonic, ice and enjoy!

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Includes four flavour combinations of bespoke gin botanicals.

Fresh, fruity headlines given an extra kick with the addition of pink peppercorn, followed by lemongrass for a zingy backdrop and hint of mint.

Earthy, nutty flavour with a mild pepper undertone and spicy ginger and cinnamon notes, balanced by the tart apple taste of quince.

A herby, peppery baseline overlaid with distinctive, pleasant floral overtones that don’t dominate the palate, held together by the sweetness of cardamon.

The star here is the ruby-red colouring that comes from the hibiscus, with rich berry flavours deepened by allspice, white peppercorn to contrast the sharpness of juniper.

1. Pour a shot of your chosen gin.
2. Tip the contents of your preferred botanical blend into the glass.
3. Wait a minute as the flavours subtly enhance your drink.
4. Add tonic, ice and a slice to your taste. Enjoy!

Ginfusion brings fun and interest to every gin and tonic. These bespoke flavour creations are designed to enhance your G&T! Ginfusion brings together 15 different ingredients crafted into four flavour types, supplied in ready-to-serve pouches. Just choose a flavour from Citrus, Spiced, Tropical or Rose, add it to the gin, mix with ice and tonic if desired then enjoy as the aromatics infuse into the drink.

Ginfusion Bespoke Gin Botanicals Taster Pack
Ginfusion Bespoke Gin Botanicals Taster Pack

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Ginfusion Bespoke Gin Botanicals Taster Pack
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