First Chop YES Anytime IPA

Refreshing and punchy IPA from Manchester's First Chop. Vegan, Gluten Free and Low Alcohol!
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"All day IPA - YES is our example of a low alcohol beer. At only 0.5% this beer doesn’t hold back on the flavour. A beautiful straw colour on the pour and an overwhelming hoppy burst on the nose, this low alcohol beer isn't shy when it comes to bitter hoppy flavours."

"First Chop the award winning brewery sprung from humble beginnings. Created by chef, creative and restauranteur Rik, the beer was originally born from his acclaimed bar and restaurant of the same name in North Manchester.

Borrowing use of a local micro brewery, Rik deep dived into his passion for inspirational and quality flavour combos and found that he had created a craft beer range with a fresh approach and instant demand. Within 6 months the demand was such that borrowing a brewery was no longer an option and the First Chop Brewing Arm was born.

First Chop initially settled under a Salford railway arch and combined the fledgling brewery with a rootsy live music, club and arts space at the heart of the Manchester scene. After many events, the site was sadly wiped out by a fire but Rik was on a roll with his beer and set up a new (permanent) home for the brand in nearby Eccles.

Continuing to experiment with new lines and collabs and with momentum maintained, the millionth pint was brewed in December 2018.

The lines continued to evolve depending on Rik's passions and feedback from customers. Some favourites are POD - the oatmeal stout with hints of vanilla and chocolate. AVA - a Mancunian take on a continental golden ale and a recent edition, YES, which is the anytime IPA, with ultra low alcohol at 0.5% but still packed full of flavour.

As well as seeking out fresh flavours, Rik was passionate about making sure the beer was accessible to all. First Chop has led the way in gluten free craft beer production. All First Chop beer is vegan. and the majority of the range is gluten free, just look for the cross grain symbol on the cans.

The brewery now produces 30,000 pints every week with an expanded team of 6 First Chop aficionados."

First Chop YES Anytime IPA
First Chop YES Anytime IPA
  • First Chop
  • 0.5%
  • 33cl

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First Chop YES Anytime IPA
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