Fifty Pounds Gin Tin

Fifty Pounds is a classic London Dry Gin, made with carefully selected botanicals for a creamy, full bodied, but crisp and aromatic gin. Presented in a stylish tin!
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A classic, rich, citrussy and herbaceous London Dry, made with seven traditional botanicals in a secret ratio- juniper, coriander, orange and lemon, angelica, savory, liquorice and grains of paradise. Please note, tin colour may vary.

"Fifty Pounds Gin is made with a combination of grain spirit – which is already distilled four times before we use it, to give greater purity – and our botanicals, a perfectly balanced combination of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers which give Fifty Pounds Gin its unique flavour profile."

Fifty Pounds Gin Tin
Fifty Pounds Gin Tin
  • Fifty Pounds
  • 43.5%
  • 70cl

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Fifty Pounds Gin Tin
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