Cruxland South African Gin

A delicious new small batch Kalahari Truffle and Honeybush infused South African Gin from KWV.

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Infused with the rare Kalahari truffle, Cruxland gin is a 100% pure grape gin. It is double distilled in potstills with the highest quality juniper berries and seven other distinct botanicals including lemon, coriander and aniseed, as well as South African rooibos and honeybush. The Kalahari truffle is distilled separately and blended into the spirit before bottling, and lends an earthy quality to the taste.

KWV are one of South Africa's oldest and best known brandy and wine produces. We already love and stock several wines and are now pleased to add their latest creation and first Gin! The Cruxland Gin is named after the X found on the ground when the rare Kalahari truffles swell after rainfall and push up against the earth's surface. These truffles are distilled and added at the end of the grape sprirts production to give an earthy backnote to an already interesting and delicious blend of 8 botanicals, also including Rooibos and honeybush, making this very much a South African flavoured Gin. 

Cruxland South African Gin
Cruxland South African Gin
  • KWV
  • 43%
  • 70cl

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Cruxland South African Gin
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