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Comte De Lauvia Fine Armagnac

A supple and fruity feel, with a delicate and delicious finish.

Supple and fruity, this blend of young eaux-de-vie is fresh and lively. Showing only slight traces of its ageing in wood, this Fine Armagnac has an attractive aromatic complexity with white-flower notes and subtle fruit flavours. The finish is appealing in its elegance.

Lauvia is an artisan Armagnac that starts life with a handful of top-rated wine estates in the heart of Bas Armagnac producing preferred grapes, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Back. The eaux de vie are created by micro continuous distillation on the estates, in small batches at a low temperature to retain maximum character.

It is aged under the constant supervision and tasting inspection of the maître de chais Eric Durand in the famous cellars, 'The Cathedral' in Eauze, where he manages over 1500 casks, starting with up to 9 months in new local oak followed by around 2 years in second/third fill oak, and completing the harmonisation and maturation in mature oak.

The maître de chais draws on his experience to create three exemplary Armagnacs, and the vintages making each blend are clearly declared on the label for each bottling. All three are expressions of the classic artisan tradition, non-chill filtered with no added colour.

Comte De Lauvia Fine Armagnac
Comte De Lauvia Fine Armagnac

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Comte De Lauvia Fine Armagnac
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