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  1. A Tour of Bordeaux

    A Tour of Bordeaux French wine labels are notoriously difficult for budding wine enthusiasts to understand.  Unlike their new world counterparts which state the wine’s predominant grape varieties on the label, the French traditionally specify the area where the wine was produced and make the assumption that wine buyers know which grape varieties are used in Read more...
  2. Verdejo – The Green, Green Grape of Spain

    Verdejo – The Green, Green Grape of Spain When faced with the choice of which wine to buy, most consumers stick with what they know.  It’s easier and safer to choose the same refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, smooth Merlot or spicy Shiraz over and over again because you’ve tried them before and you know what to expect from the bottle.  That said, you don’t tend to eat the same Read more...
  3. Passionate about Passito

    Passionate about Passito “Passito” is the name used to describe wines made from the appassimento method; the practice of making wine from partially shrivelled grapes which are allowed to either raisin on the vine or become dried out using various methods. This winemaking technique dates back over 3000 years and was common-place in ancient Mediterranean wine-growing Read more...

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