Well…why would you? OK so we know November and December are full of boozy events like Christmas office parties, jumper parties, the big day itself, plus boxing day and not to forget New Years Eve! But after all the wine, beer, port and bubbly has settled is it worth dropping it all and switching to just water?

We don’t think so, and neither do the British Liver Trust who’s Chief Exec Andrew Langford explains:

“If you look after your liver and it functions well, it will detox the body naturally,”

“The two most effective ways to look after your liver are to watch your alcohol intake and maintain a healthy weight.”

In fact there is little to no evidence that cutting out alcohol in January has any real effect at all! In truth stopping drinking just to get straight back into the pub on 1st of Feb for 10 drinks is the worst plan as binge drinking can cause terrible damage to the liver. Moderate drinking is the best advice, and try to keep within NHS guidelines of consuming 14 units or fewer per week. A typical 750ml bottle of wine comes in at around 10 units.

In a lighter tone, consider exactly why you are thinking about doing Dry January, is it just another resolution along with going to the gym thrice a week and jogging every morning? Regardless what the motivation for it is, maybe it is more worth taking stock of your drinking all year round and trying to moderate the best you can.

Besides all this you don’t need to finish your bottle of wine in one night, wine will last five+ days after opening if stored properly. The best thing to do is make sure that you seal the wine back up again, either by popping the cork firmly back in or making sure the screw cap is tight. Next put the bottle in the fridge (even red), after all cold is the best preserver and slows the breaking down process of the wine. A few other ways to seal your wine bottle are either to buy a bottle of argon gas, which in a sense acts as a barrier against oxygen or to get a vacu-vin pump, this uses a cap which you then pump the air out of the bottle with, essentially creating vacuum between the wine and the outside air.

Fortunately we are giving away Le Creuset Wine Pumps worth over £25 totally free on all orders over £150 during January 2018 (while stocks last) in order to promote responsible drinking! So you will be able to preserve your wine and choose January in Moderation as apposed to Dry January this year, and also help the rest of the year as well!