Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA

It isn't often that a totally new style of beer comes along, so we're really excited to be offering this hazy IPA to the UK market.

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The natural haze is created by the absence of any filtering, then a secondary bottle fermentation and conditioning process - a practice that has long been part of Belgian brewing. Combining these traditional practices with late and dry hopping techniques, using contemporary hop varieties selected for their fruity characters, then brewing with a unique yeast strain, ultimately creates a truly stunning piece of craft beer making that is certain to be a major hit among the beer drinking community.

Slurp are delighted to have the opportunity to bring some innovative Belgian brewing to the UK market, but you don't just have to take our word for it because in 2016 UNESCO noted that - 'beer culture in Belgium combines know-how concerning nature, social practices and craft skills that constitute an integral part of daily and festive life. Beer culture in Belgium contributes to the economic and social viability at local level and the constitution of the social identity and continuity of its bearers and practitioners, who promote responsible production and consumption'. Belgian beers enjoy an unmatched reputation around the world for producing the ultimate expressions of the brewers art.

Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA
Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA
  • 6.5%
  • 33cl

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Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA
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