50 Degrees Dry Riesling 2019 2-Litre Boxed Wine

Your favourite crisp and dry Riesling, now in a handy, sustainably packaged 2-litre pack - perfect for picnics and BBQs. SAVE ONE THIRD ON BOTTLE PRICE!

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Made in the Trocken style, which has very low residual sweetness producing a dry, crisp style of white wine. 50 Degrees has a fresh taste with delicious fruity notes of peaches, green apple and citrus fruits and a long minerally finish. Superb with fresh fish and seafood.

The air-tight seal between the tap and the bag also means that, once opened, this wine can be stored for weeks without the taste being affected. 

50° Riesling is a lovely fresh and lively dry white, produced under guidance from the famous Schloss Johannisberg estate. This is sourced from the premium Rheingau region, home to more and more dry styles as this style grows in popularity. The name pays homage to the 50th Parallel North which runs through the Reingau. The wine itself is produced to be fresh and enjoyed young, and is a dry easy-to-enjoy style with flavours of ripe peach, green apple and citrus. This is a great introduction to the Riesling grape, and a versatile food-wine.

Purchasing Bag in Box wine is actually better for the planet - the process of producing the materials is far less energy intensive than the production of glass bottles. As well as this, the carbon emmissions generated in the transport of BiB is about half what is created when bottled wine is transported. In fact, switching to BiB for the 97% of wines that are designed to be drunk within a year from purchase would have the equivalent carbon reduction effect of retiring 400,000 cars from the road. So now you can enjoy a glass of your favourite wine whilst knowing you're doing your bit for the environment (and the sustainable future of wine)!

"Best for a summer picnic" in The Independent's "Best Box of Wine 2022"
50 Degrees Dry Riesling 2019 2-Litre Boxed Wine
50 Degrees Dry Riesling 2019 2-Litre Boxed Wine
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  • Germany
  • Riesling
  • 2019
  • Schloss Johannisberg
  • 12%
  • 2litre

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50 Degrees Dry Riesling 2019 2-Litre Boxed Wine
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