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Monte Alban Mezcal (with Worms) - 70cl

Customer Score: 100/100

A Monte Alban tequila

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Mezcal Monte Alban combines enchanting Aztec mythology with the intensely smoky, spicy, earthy taste of Mexico. Every sip invokes the essence of Oaxaca, the birthplace of Monte Alban, where Spanish Conquistadors first distilled the fiery liquid which would one day become this exquisite 100% Agave spirit. The fabled ‘gusano’ worm in every bottle is the unique seal of authenticity.


And now with every bottle, you get a small bottle full of worms – enough for the whole crowd at your next party.

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Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Volume 70cl
Style Smoky and spicy
ABV 40.0%
  • halloween
  • mezcal
  • agave
  • oaxaca
  • mexican
  • worms
  • smoky
  • earthy
  • gusano
  • 100 Slurper Rating

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