Interested in Corporate Wine Tasting?

Whether you are a wine enthusiast, a connoisseur or a complete beginner, Slurp offers a top quality, unforgettable evening of wine tasting fun for you and your friends or colleagues. And the best thing is – it's completely hassle free! We'll choose the wines, put together the programme and run the event.

Whether you are organising a corporate wine tasting event or just getting friends around for fun wine tasting, Slurp's philosophy is that wine is there to be enjoyed – not just talked about. Our tastings put enjoyment first, and we don't let tasting conventions get in the way of a good time.

We are there to provide a relaxed environment in which people can get more out of wine. Whether it is a corporate event or a private party, each tasting is tailored around your expectations and requirements.

Our exciting wine tasting experience can be held at any venue, or we can organise one for you.

Contemporary, Exciting, Fun and Enjoyable wine tastings from – contact us for more details