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Sture Premium Grain Vodka 70cl

Customer Score: 100/100

A StureVodka vodka

This product is not available for purchase today - we are currently out of stock of this particular wine/vintage. Please email for further details.

Slurp is excited to present its new UK exclusive range of Swedish Sture Vodka. This vodka benefits not only from being created using the finest local ingredients, but also by being distilled five times. This distillation gives Sture Vodka its smooth flavour. This versatile drink can be enjoyed at room temperature, with ice, or as the foundation of another drink. Solveig Sommarström, the Master Blender at Sture, is central to all the products.


Enjoy smooth, aromatic Sture Vodka.


Currently selling at the introductory price of £26.95

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Volume 70cl
ABV 37.5%
  • spirits
  • sturevodka
  • sture
  • sweden
  • vodka
  • 100 Slurper Rating

Tasting Notes - From SlurpVision

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