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Slurp's Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy

At Slurp, we're firm believers that cookies should only be used when it is absolutely necessary and in the least unobtrusive manners possible. Our privacy policy, luckily for you, is very short!

Cookies Used

We in fact only ever use two internal and two external cookies for when you're visiting the site.


We will store your Customer ID number into a cookie so that you can be logged into our system, and stay logged in until you decide to log out. This makes the buying process secure by ensuring that, only if your details have been entered correctly, can a transaction be processed through your account. In supplement to this, we store your email address as a secondary 'unique identifier' to ensure that your account is being used by you only.


We use two customer tracking systems on our website, Mint stats and Google Analytics. By allowing cookies from these two external scripts, we can ensure that our website caters to customer's needs by following user click through rates and heat maps. As a result, we can mould the website's look or functionality according to what customers really do rather than by instinct or 'what feels right'.

We thank you for your cooperation, the Slurp team.